Friday, March 10, 2017

Due Mon March 13, Tue March 14, Wed March 15, Thu March 16

Due Monday:
Water is Life - End of Unit 1-page Essay Assignment (submit either handwritten version in your Water folder or via GoogleClassroom)  Assignment guidelines here.

Due Tuesday:
Science Fiction Novel Book Review (submit via Google Classroom)  + Graphic Organizer
Assignment guidelines here.
Graphic Organizer here.

Due Wednesday:
Finish Ch. 10 from George by Alex Gino, respond to this prompt in your Reader's Notebook:
Who, in Ch.10 demonstrates that they are an ally to George?  Cite specific evidence from the text, with page number, to support your opinion.

8th Graders Portfolio Piece 1:  Environmental Symbol

Whole class: Project Due in Library with Gillian

Due Thursday:
7th Graders give Service Learning Speeches in Auditorium 9:30-10:30am

Looking forward:
3/22  8th Grader I am Poems
3/24  Q3  Service Projects and Reflections

Monday, March 6, 2017

Due Tuesday March 7, Wednesday March 8, Wednesday March 15

Due Tuesday 3/7
Bring in Read-a-Thon pledges and forms (through 3/14)

Bring Water is Life Folder - open-note assessment
Bring Sci-Fi Novel and Reader's Notebook

Due Wednesday 3/8
Be finished with your Sci-Fi Novel

This Thursday 3/9
AM Field Study to Reed College Cooley Gallery
Optional: bring $2-7 to enjoy something from the college cafeteria over lunch

Due Wednesday 3/15
8th Graders - Portfolio - Environmental Symbol