Monday, April 3, 2017

Due Tuesday April 4th, Wednesday April 5th

Due Tuesday (tomorrow)

Ten Things I Know to Be True poem  (in Writer's Notebook)

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Example poem:

Ten Things... by H. Padmanabhan
I know I am alive
I know that as of this instant, I am in love with the music in my life
I know that though not perfect, my life is beautiful in its own way
I know that most of the instances I cherish are the ones i have felt loved and cared for
I know that life with all its lessons, is not always a kind teacher

I know that as far as I can, I have tried to love, accept and grow
I know that life is going to throw some more curved balls my way
and I know for sure, that i will try to hit it for as long as I can
I know that no matter how many times I fall, I will try to get up
I know that when all my philosophy fails, a good cry will help

I know that i have to reflect a lot more to even begin to see

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