Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Due Thursday April 20, Friday April 21, Wednesday April 26

Due Thursday (tomorrow)
Urban Planning:
1. View the short video and complete the reading on gentrification - KQED's 'What You Need to Know About Gentrification' 
2.  Complete these quick-write, vocabulary terms, and reflection/assessment questions

Due Friday
Writer's Workshop:
Final, longer spoken word poetry piece - typed and submitted via GoogleClassroom.  Practice reading and performing your piece - class poetry slam on Monday with Mic!

8th Graders - Wednesday April 26:
Pizza Lunch + Portfolio Progress Check-In
Bring all components you have completed for your 8th Grade Portfolio so far - please have hard copies printed of all written pieces. We will check in, and have opportunities to share out pieces we're proud of, struggles, successes, and suggestions moving forward.  
Completed thus far:
March 15 Environmental Symbol
March 22 I Am Poem
April 5  Six Words
April 12 Thank You Letter #1: (2 copies)
April 19  Bucket List
April 26 Hopes & Dreams

*8th Grade Speech Drafts and Teacher Conference 1 Week Prior to Speech