Monday, February 6, 2017

Due Tuesday Feb 7, Wednesday Feb 8

Due Tuesday February 7
What is the Flint, MI Water Crisis?  Graphic Organizer
Heroes of Flint, MI Graphic Organizer

Check-in... here are all the assignments you should have completed in your Water is Life folder up to this point:

Nonfiction Reading - Earths Waters - Freshwater Resources

Water is Life: Bull Run Documentary Notetaking

Water is Life - Global Distribution of Water %s

Water is Life: Hidden Water

Water is Life: Peak Water - 10 Cities at Risk

Water is Life: Home Water Audit

Cornell Notes - Portland / PPS Lead Issue

Flint, MI Film Questions

Flint, MI Heroes Graphic Org

‘What is the Flint, MI Water Crisis’ Graphic Org

Due Wednesday February 8
Complete Week 2 Sci Fi Novel Reading, and Week II Assignment