Thursday, January 19, 2017

Due Friday January 20th, Monday January 23, Tuesday January 24

Due Friday (tomorrow)
Complete the textbook reading and comprehension questions 'Water to Drink'  
Click here if you were absent and need a copy of the reading/questions.

Complete the Hidden Water reading and online activity.

Complete the Global Water Distribution labsheet and questions.

Due Monday January 23rd
With the input from a knowledgeable parent, complete the Home Water Audit.

Due Tuesday January 24th
Quarter II Service Hours and Reflections

Due ASAP Please bring in some good Sci-Fi / Dystopian novels! 

Image result for teen science fictionImage result for teen science fictionImage result for teen science fiction
We'll embark on immersing ourselves in sci-fi novels beginning next week, and I have a feeling that many of you have books on your shelves that you've read and loved that fit into this category. I'm ordering many books from the district, but I'd love to have a book-share happen with novels of yours, too.  IF you have books such as Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Pretties, Uglies, etc., AND if you would be willing to loan those out to classmates, then please bring into class this week.  This is just a quickly thought out list, and I know there are many more great titles out there. 
MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK. I'll create a master list for check out so that we can ensure that you get the book(s) back, when the unit/book groups are wrapped up. 
Let me know if you have some that you'd be willing to contribute.