Friday, October 14, 2016

Alternative Schedule Next Week; Items Due Week of Oct 24-28

6th Graders are at Outdoor School, 7th Graders spending partial days on PPS MakerSpace field trips, and both 7th/8th Graders on campus engaged in a Multiple Perspectives series of lessons including Salsa Dancing; Life with Social Media; Consent & Communication for Teens; and Debate Skills.   We will also have some special Election-related Morning Meetings and a documentary film on the candidates.  Exciting week!


Due the following week:
Service Reflections Due Tuesday, October 25th.  Submit via GoogleClassroom Writer's Workshop.

Choice Novels are to be completed by Wednesday October 26th.   (If you are on a second or third novel at this time, conference with me...)

I strongly suggest you check in to your StudentVue (or ParentVue, with a parent) on Synergy - and see if you have any missing assignments...  ...academic quarter is winding down, and time is running out to turn in missing/late/incomplete work!   If you need assistance accessing Synergy, email Alexa at

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Due Wednesday October 12th; Due Thursday October 13th

Due Wednesday (tomorrow)
Pencil Sketch:  Your design for our class Old Growth Forest mural.  List essential parts, label components, include suggestions for materials/methods of construction.

Due Thursday October 13th:
Field Guide Page #1
Structures and Layers of an Old Growth Forest
a) title
b) colorful and neat
c) images with detail, accurate as possible
d) labels for each structure of the forest, and each layer itself
e) explanations/definitions/words to describe each of the O.W.L.S., and each of the layers