Friday, September 23, 2016

Due Monday Sept. 26

E-Core: Forest Park Macleay Trail
- Essential Questions
- Nature Journal
- Packet with Scavenger Hunt, Investigate a Rotting Log, Plant Adaptation Sketching, and Ecological Community Study

Overdue for several of you:
Draft Animal "I Am" Poems  - log in and submit via Google Classroom ( credentials)
Reader's Notebook - Reader Response Letter to Asa

Come packet, rested, and ready for Camp Collins overnight!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Due Wednesday Sept. 21, Thursday Sept. 22, Friday Sept. 23

~ Late Opening Wednesday ~

Due Wednesday (tomorrow):
Reader Response Letter in your Reader's Notebook

8th Graders - remember we will have a special lunch get-together tomorrow to meet about 8th grade leadership and expectations

Due Thursday
Draft of PNW OGF Animal "I Am.." Poem
Submit this electronically via our Writer's Workshop at  (log in with credentials - join using classroom code v9ittay - click on poem assignment, and then 'create')

Due Friday
Final, printed copy of Animal "I Am" Poem
2D Animal Portrait
Turn in complete PNW Animal Research Packet

Monday, September 19, 2016

Due Tuesday Sept. 20, Wednesday Sept. 21

Due Tuesday
Complete fourth and final page of your PNW Animal Research packet
Finish your Animal Portrait

Due Wednesday
Reader Response Letter to Asa in your Reader's Notebook

Service Opportunities!
Late start Babysitting → First one is next Wed. !! Sign up is in the office with Michelle

SOLVe → Sunnyside Cleans Willamette Riverbank! → Saturday Sept 24  9-12