Friday, December 2, 2016

Due Monday December 5th, Thursday December 8th

Due Monday:
E-Core Journal - World Forestry Center - Essential Questions and Scavenger Hunt Packet

Due Thursday:
Forest 3D Project - both project and write-up*

Step 2: Create your 3D project                                                     Date Due:  Dec. 8
3D Project is a diorama, sculpture, animation, model, mobile, relief poster, game - teaching others about a concept related to forest ecology.
1. 3-dimensional, free standing, to be displayed at the Riparian Festival
2. Title is written as a question/wondering.
3. Visual Attention: Realistic colors of the forest, including plants, etc.
4. Content: clearly answers your title question including written explanation of important concepts and use of related vocabulary 

5. Interactive in some way -- something can be lifted, turned, pulled, clicked, etc. that reveals information about your project. 
*we will go over format and requirements for the write-up in class, and have time during Tuesday morning's Writer's Workshop to type these up.