Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Due Thursday September 8, Due Friday September 9

Due Thursday September 8
Finish the reading "Anatomy of an Old-Growth Forest" (pages 15-21) and record at least 3 facts from each section on the  "Anatomy of an Old-Growth Forest" side of your graphic organizer.  This is a fairly challenging reading - I encourage you to read it together with an older sibling or parent!

Click here for a copy of the reading.
Click here for a copy of the note-taking graphic organizer. 

Field study tomorrow to Oxbow Regional Park!  Dress for the weather!

Due Friday September 9
Forest Creative Visualization watercolor painting

Personal Artifacts!
We are running a bit behind - so if you were supposed to go today and didn't (Svas, Jade, Milo) please bring in your artifacts tomorrow (Thursday) and we'll share them at the end of the day!