Thursday, September 8, 2016

Due Friday, September 9; Due Monday September 12

Due Friday:

Bring Choice Novel

Finish the reading "Anatomy of an Old-Growth Forest" (pages 15-21) and record at least 3 facts from each section on the  "Anatomy of an Old-Growth Forest" side of your graphic organizer.  *This was due today, but didn't get collected given our field-study schedule... 

Click here for a copy of the reading.
Click here for a copy of the note-taking graphic organizer. 

Due Monday:

Bring Choice Novel

E-Core Journal: Oxbow Park
EQ; Assigment ?s; O.W.L.S. sheet; and Nature Journal

A note about the Children's Trust Climate Change Hearing in Eugene on next Tuesday Sept. 13:
This was announced at Morning Meeting earlier this week as a potential service learning opportunity. 
Given the overwhelming amount of student interest, there is simply no way for us to get this many students transportation on such short notice.  Students that are interested should communicate with their parents and arrange their own transportation and parent-excused absence from the school day. 
Information on the event can be found here: